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Size: 1200x1732px (2.81Mb)
Average load time: 15 sec.
Max print size (cm): 36x52
Size: 798x1152px (1.24Mb)
Average load time: 7 sec.
Max print size (cm): 24x34
Size: 1280x886px (1.12Mb)
Average load time: 6 sec.
Max print size (cm): 38x26
Size: 1540x1067px (3.66Mb)
Average load time: 19 sec.
Max print size (cm): 46x32
Size: 1245x1799px (3.38Mb)
Average load time: 18 sec.
Max print size (cm): 37x54
Size: 1800x1246px (5.03Mb)
Average load time: 26 sec.
Max print size (cm): 54x37

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